Dixon Valve DBC66-200 Cam & Groove Coupler x Female NPT

Product Description

Dry disconnects help prevent spillage from normal or accidental disconnects. A spring loaded sealing device is designed to "snap" closed should the valve become disconnected with the poppet open, significantly limiting liquid loss.


  • Use with DBA style adapters
  • Use with standard cam and groove dust plug sized one size larger than the dry disconnect size
  • Use Cam & Groove Dust Plug Size: 2-1/2"


  • Canadian registration number CRN # OH14044 all provinces


  • Coupler has automatic closing poppet assembly
  • Heavy duty construction provides long service life
  • Stainless steel handle allows product exposure to corrosive chemicals or washdown service
  • Strong handle attachment prevents bending of crank assembly
  • Dixon EZ Boss-Lock cam arms provide added security from accidental opening due to vibration or snagging. Very easy to use, just close the arms and they lock, to open simply lift the lever.


  • Stainless steel internals
  • Heavy duty stainless steel handle, crank and link

Compatibility & Interchange Data

  • Compatible with most other brands of cam and groove style dry disconnects
  • Fully interchangeable with Kamvalok (OPW trademark) style fittings

Safety notes

  • Must be used with a DBA (Dry Break Cam & Groove) Style adapter for coupler to operate. Adapter sold separately.
  • Maximum pressure rating is based on PSI at 70°F
Description Cam & Groove Style
Material Aluminum
Female Thread NPT
Female Thread Size 2"
Coupler Size 2-1/2"
Maximum Operating Pressure 150 PSI at 70°F(21°C)
Weight Lb 5.2000