Dixon Valve FT208-391P FloTech Plug-n-Play Monitors

Product Description

Dixon, FT208-391P, FloTech Checkmate Plug-n-Play Monitors with Dual Sockets Features:

  • Prewired cables and plugs on sensors, wiring harness', onboard monitor and sockets, make it simple to install our Plug-n-Play system in much less time than conventional systems and eliminates hours of manual crimped wire connections and removes the problems and worries associated with connection problems.
  • Secure and weather tight connections all the time remove the possibility of poor wiring connections.
  • Integrated Optic and Thermistor sockets with onboard monitor all in one aluminum case
  • Takes less space than utilizing separate sockets and monitor
  • Built-in configurable high current relay output for pump or signal control
  • Color coded display shows well on trailers
  • Sockets come standard with FloTech's unique guarantee for life stainless steel wear rings
  • Includes water-tight integrated fuse holder
Description Optic, 6 contact pins and 4 J Slots; Thermistor 10 contact pins and 4 J slots
Intended Service Overfill Only
Fuel Compatability Biofuel compatible up to E100 (100% Ethanol) and B100 (100% bio diesel)
Weight Lb 8.0000