Durastill 400514 5 Gal Controlled Location Water Dispensing Station

Product Description

Durastill, 400514, Controlled Location Water Dispensing Station NAMA 1 & 5 Gal.

400514 Includes Only:

  • Dispensing Station
  • Filters or other equipment are NOT included


  • Separate dispencer heands for one gallon and five gallon bottles. Either size bottle easily positioned in a corner of the cabinet.
  • Customer does not have to move and shelves of gauges to locate bottle.
  • Easy installation:
    • May be wall mounted, installed on a countertop, or built into a cabinet with meters, filters or other equipment may be installed under drain tray (filters are not included).
  • May be used to sell Distilled Water, R.O. Water, Filtered Water, Deionized Wwater, or Spring Wwater.

This unit is intended for self-service location tha is protected from environmental contamination and where sasnitation and safe operation can be assured by attendants on location.

Height 29"
Width 18,5"
Depth 18"
Weight 50 lbs.