NoCry Electric Heat Gun Kit - with 1500 Watt/12.5A Motor and Dual 662/1022°F Temperature Settings; 4-pc Nozzle Accessories Set Included

Price: $21.95
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Manufacturer Description

NoCry Heat Gun Specs:
  • Rated power: 1500W / 12.5A
  • Voltage: 120V~60Hz
  • Dual temperature settings: 662? and 1022?
  • Air flow settings: 10.6 and 17.7 ft3/min
  • 4 nozzles included: 1 reduction, 1 glass protection, 1 wide jet surface, 1 reflector nozzle
  • Cable length: 5ft 10.08in
  • Protection class: ?/II

Does it generate sufficient air flow?
Yes, thanks to the two modes of 10.6 and 17.7 ft3/min. We've successfully tested it for stripping paint and adhesives, speed-drying construction materials, softening caulking, soldering and desoldering, heat-shrinking or bending plastic pipes or tubes, loosening rusted nuts and bolts, tinting car windows, dent removal, vinyl or shrink wrapping, thawing frozen water pipes, waxing skis and snowboards, lighting charcoal for grilling/BBQing, embossing, welding plastics, drying moist wood, paint etc.

Will you experience the same issues that reviews of other heat guns mention?
Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Most heat guns available on Amazon do indeed tend to smoke a lot, melt, burn etc., making people question their safety. Safety is embedded deep in the NoCry DNA, so we've made sure that this heat gun will not cause similar problems: The parts of the gun do not melt even after prolonged use, it has an automatic overheating protection system, the burn-in smoke occurs once, and for just about 10 sec, and the tool can be placed on the flat back to not burn surfaces.

If you reach out to us, will you ever get a response?
Yes, you will, and within 24 hours. We always try to treat each and every one of our 300,000 customers the way we'd treat our mom - on her birthday, no less. Would you have any questions or issues with your NoCry heat gun, do let us know and we'll get right to it.

Product Features

POWERFUL MOTOR WITH ADJUSTABLE HEAT SETTINGS - The 1500W motor generates enough hot air for almost any project - and you can switch the temp between the low setting of 662? and high of 1022? with a single push of a button. 4 MULTI-PURPOSE SNAP-ON ATTACHMENTS INCLUDED - Perfect for shrink and vinyl wrapping, heat-shrinking PVC tubing, paint or adhesive removal, soldering and desoldering, heating frozen pipes, preparing the grill / BBQ, various craft projects (embossing, welding plastic) - we could go on. AUTO THERMAL PROTECTION AGAINST OVERHEATING - In case your work station isn't well ventilated and the tool is about to overheat, the heater automatically shuts off until it's cool enough for safe work. Plus, the burn-in only occurs once for 10 sec, while most other models can smoke for 1-3 min at a time. FLAT BACK STAND DESIGN - The heat gun can be placed on its back to cool down or to use with both hands free while you work (like when welding or bending plastic, and shrink wrapping anything, for example) - without compromising safety. LOVE IT OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK - If your NoCry Heat Gun doesn't perform as it should or is simply not for you, let us know, and we'll send you a free replacement or issue a quick refund. That simple.

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