RV Water Heater Anode Rod - Magnesium Anode Rod Suburban Water Heaters Suburban & Morflo - 9.25’’Long & 3/4’’ Thread – Long Lasting Tank Corrosion Protection – 1pc

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Manufacturer Description

Preserve The Quality & Prolong The Life Of Your RV Water Heater With Our Premium Anode Rods!
Worried about your water heater tank being corroded? Water to prolong the tanks lifespan? If you want to prolong the life of your water heater then it's time to replace your rusty old anode rod!
This water heater anode rod is made using the highest quality magnesium to provide long-lasting use and protect your water heater tank from corrosion to ensure it keeps running smoothly for years to come.

Made To Deliver Unrivaled Quality & Functionality
Our trailer water tank rod absorbs the corrosive action caused by hot water resulting in a water tank that makes sure that your RV's water heater keeps running without you worrying about it breaking down.
Why we use magnesium? It's softer and attracts harmful water deposits better than aluminum rods preventing them from attacking the tank to make sure it stays damage free and provides long-lasting use.

Why It's Right For You:
? Absorbs the corrosive action caused by hot water
? Prolongs the life of your water heater tank
? Made using high quality magnesium for enhanced performance
? Compatible with most Suburban and Mor-flo 6 Gallon Water Heaters
? Prevents rusting of your RV water heater

Replacement Anode Rod
The outdoor water heater tank anode rods serve a critical purpose, but generally wears out after a few years of faithful service which is why you should purchase a replacement water heater anode to let you make the switch easily without having to deal with low-quality anode rods.

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Product Features

? LONG LASTING QUALITY: Made using high-quality magnesium that is specifically designed to provide long-lasting use and collect contaminants from water hearts, this suburban heater anode rod lasts longer and provides better performance when compared to aluminum heater anode rods ensuring your water heater doesn't break down anytime soon. ? PROLONG WATER HEATER LIFE: The anode rod is a crucial part of every water heating system that helps prolong the lifespan of the Water Heater and enhances performance to provide reliable long-lasting use. Our suburban water heaters magnesium anode rod attracts all the contaminants in the water towards itself using electrolysis ensuring your RV water heater provides lasting use. ? PROTECT HEATERS AGAINST CORROSION: This RV and outdoor water heater anode rod acts as a powerful filter for water being stored in the heater. To protect the metal casing of the water heaters from being worn down by corrosion, our water filter rods enhance the longevity of your water heater. You should gradually check the anode rod to see whether it needs to be replaced. ? FOR SUBURBAN WATER HEATERS: This water heater tank corrosion prevention rod is 9.25'' Long and 3/4'' NPT Thread making it compatible with most RV Suburban and Mor-Flo 6 Gallon Water Heaters. It's easy to install and replace and provides reliable use. We've included a replacement anode rod as well to make it easier for you to switch it when the time comes. ? 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: To us, customer satisfaction always has and always will be our top priority. Each of our RV Anode Rods are made with our customers in mind which is why we go the extra mile to acquire the finest materials on the market. We're so confident that you'll love our Magnesium Anode Rods that we offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Warranty so that you know you're making a Risk Free Investment.

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